by The Good Life on September 23, 2010

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So Yobeat may well be the best snowboarding website around.  They arent scared of dropping some opinion, something seemingly missing in the rest of the world, but they are on it.  They are all up on Nike Snowboarding, and have one of the best quotes ever about it

“You may have notice something looks weird and purple around these parts. It’s because we’ve sold out. In other words, Nike Snowboarding is giving us money in hopes you’ll be enticed to buy its new Zoom DK Boots. But while we’ve paid off our cars, houses and now wear thousands of dollars of bling* everywhere we go, we haven’t forgotten the little guys who got us there! So we said to Nike Snowboarding: look you Zombies, if you’re gonna take over the site, we at least wanna give something away. So they agreed to hook up a pair of brand new Nike Zoom DK boots for the YoBeat readership”

Anyways in their recent hump day article they interviewed Nate Bozung, one of the heroes from the True Life days.  If you know about him, or have seen him ride, read the interview, its pretty messed up.

and dont buy your own tattoo gun.

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