Dryslope Pisteing…

by The Good Life on October 6, 2010 · 1 comment

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So with various parts of Hungerpain going online, I thought I would go even further back in time, to show you a couple of drylsope sessions from around 2002/2003.  Not the 90s.  Just.
We did a load of this when I was working at Whitelines, editing the “Made in Britain” section everymonth.
This was the dryslope near Stanstead Airport, the guys at Experimental built it, and then we put some fire on it…  This was with a broken hand, as first hit I caught my hand and broke my hand.  Nicht schon.
This was at Shermans house, the legendary back garden rail.  Check out the dreads.  John Jackson got his ideas from here.  And check the bindings.  Thats real Britain right there.  Sure someone is having a good cup of tea in the background.

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