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by The Good Life on October 4, 2010 · 1 comment

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Every year the early season at Hintertux brings with it some new fashions.  So I thought the perfect opportunity to show you what to maybe wear on the hill this year.
The XXXL triple wide hoody.  of course skullcandy headphones is par for the course.  Homie had this look dialled in June already.
Colours are still going strong.  Just not together at times.
Alternatively you could go in the more random direction of jacket with lightening on it, and then a 70s carpet design pants, and then a big yellow helmet made famous by Keir Dillon in the 90s.
Or you could also go for the T shirt, despite it being stormy, windy and cold.  Also is XXXXL always a must.  It seemed to be that to be cool you also needed a few cigarettes each lift ride.   G Money shops for this outfit when he goes to the states in the short and wide department. We had a pretty funny conversation in the que.  I will translate
“have you got a cigarette for me?”
“no its bad for you, you wont get any taller, wont fill up that t shirt”
well it wasnt that funny, guess you had to be there.
I think this guy deserves props, his girlfriend made him this outfit, pretty sick as its a waterproof hoody, well thats what he said anyways.  Good on him and he is a nice guy too!
I had the dreamteam up on the hill keeping it g fresh.  Just some easy early season shredding for the crew.
After all the fashion business on the hill, man has to get his chill on, so this was the dude soup which happened in the afternoon.  Suffice to say Peter König and Ofi from Pleasure spent the majority of their time getting deep in here, and Noodle from Salomon who seemed to have a waiter service set up

The Hotel we stayed in was amazing, its from Werni Stocks parents, check it at www.bergfried.at if you need a place to relax after a hard day in tux.  Unfortunately there was no ladies like this on our stay, but this was on their website.  I guess thats reserved for when Marko Grillc comes to town.
They have a pool, wellness, sauna the full 9 yards here!  Great place and thanks to Franz and the crew for the amazing stay!

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