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by The Good Life on October 1, 2010 · 2 comments

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So after just 3 months in charge, 12 weeks infact since leaving the mighty Swansea City, it seems the grass is not always greener and he who forever was harping on about sunshine football, has been told to take a walk by his new club, Leicester City.  Well at least now Leicester fans you dont have to worry about his boring, negative tactics and the threat of 9 draws on the trot

And for Mr Sousa, incase you were wondering, this is how the league table currently looks

and before Rich Hookes gets involved, or any of the Leeds fans (Nik Coultas, welcome to the mayrhofen, championship supporters club), yep, in our 3rd season with a new manager we are still above you both.  Oh and guess what Cardiff didnt get promoted just by signing Craig Bellamy.

On another note, Mr Roberto Martinez, he of Judas fame, when he left us in the lurch for wigan, well, his team are in the relegation spots of the premier league.  And we are playing them in a few weeks in Wigan!

Ah footballs back and I love it.  Championship anyways, the best league in the world!

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