Stubai Park Opening

by The Good Life on October 25, 2010

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This weekend Stubai played host to the Moreboards Stubai Premiere, the opening of the glacier, consisting of a bunch of events for the gathered jib masses to get involved in, including a Nike 6.0 and Isenseven workshop, which was really impressive how many people wanted to come and learn from Alex Schiller, whilst filming Kevin Bäckström.
As well as a few thousand shredders in the house, there was also a couple of legends in the house, as this guy rolled into the park, Mr Kareem El Rafie
And this guy, you might have heard of him, end part in Pirates and a banger in Standards new movie the Storming… Halldor Helgusson, who along with his filmer extrordanaire, looked ready to party…
For the afterparty they had “Das Bo” that guy from “wir brauchen bass, bass, wir brauchen bass!” which to all non germananics means, “we need bass, bass, we need bass”

As a final one for today, to round up this weekend, I thought a good game, of text question should start…. Who sent this text over at 3am?

Guess he was having a good night for sure!

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