The week in pictures

by The Good Life on October 15, 2010

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So this week, has been a mixture of hospital visits, get well soon Jan and Ethan, and then trips to Switzerland.
Pretty hyped on taking the train nowadays, met a woman who used to do my job for squash players on the train.
Found Switzerland has some good flowers…. Mums WI would like a bit of this..
Found this guy up in Saas Fee.  Coming in the footsteps of Ludacris and I present you Mr Tor Lundstrom who was SENDING IT over the jumps…. I filmed some stuff so edit coming soon..
We had some good Cheesefest with a raclette…
Mid way through my preparation for
Met these two trouble makers on skype….

Ladies if you two meet these guys one night on skype, be afraid, they will be asking you to do all kinds of stuff…. Mr Stäle in the game

Its all good, they are little heartbreakers
KB looking G fresh
Check out what I filmed today of Kevin….

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