by The Good Life on October 9, 2010

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The last few days have brought some amazing weather back into the valley, after a couple of weeks of rain, so pretty sharpish it was all hands on deck getting the shred on for the team.
http://christianbrecheis.blogspot.com/ shooting http://www.ethanmorgan.blogspot.com/ up on the last jump.  Pretty sweet backside rodeo 7 indy from Ethan.  He also got double backside rodeos on Thursday, before getting broken off.  Get well soon dude, you will be killing it soon enough.
Everyones favourite french man eating up some good meat from the BBQ, with a “mans radler” as he calls it in a french tone.  Basically beer.
http://kevinbackstrom.blogspot.com/ getting some good BBQ action and a regular radlet enjoying the evening Chez Moi.
This morning, this was the view from the Burgstall Hills.  Kind of like the Hollywood Hills, just a little more private.  Painting, cleaning and taking care of my life to be getting on with this Saturday.

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