A little downday

by The Good Life on November 12, 2010

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So pleasure jam was supposed to kick off today, but the weather had other ideas… Lifts were shut so it was time for some good use of a downday.

This little loverboy kevinbackstrom.com woke us all up with some home cooked lovely eggs. Kids pretty tight in the kitchen. Ladies pay attention

Guess the ladies last night weren’t checking them, as they both ended up empty handed. Your loss ladies.

We then cracked on with a good warm up run for the day, that’s right the big physio muscle machine is twice as wide as our skinny Swedish chaps here

Kb on the left and house guest and physio for the weekend for us Jan Schroeder. You know his name from pleasure and now he is taking good care of footballers, snowboarders and even Tor Lundstrom who had the electrodes on the ass treatment.

We also have a sick Frenchman in the house so he was treated to a hot stone massage and then some good attention so he can hopefully ride tommorow.

And what do you need after a run, some massage and some laughs, that’s right a good old curry for the crew homecooked ala moi.

That’s right Thai green curry in the house.

Followed it up by learning how to self tape injuries on the road. Jamie was officially the best in class today at taping. Kevin and Tor tried but got some nasty shaving rashes from tearing it off.

Anyways up early tommorow time for bed now
This is the view from my bed in the Lounge in the morning.

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