Air and Style – Back In Munich with Nike 6.0

by The Good Life on November 24, 2010

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Monday Morning meant a train ride down to Munich, and a press conference to meet with all the Air and Style guys, with Peetu Piiroinen and Ethan Morgan.

This is how a lot of my time on the road is spent.  Calling, hastling, asking, telling, pleading etc etc. Munichs nice.  Thanks to for the picture

After meeting the guys, it was straight off to a brauhause in marineplatz, Munchen, for some schweinhaxn, for all of our non germans on the good life, that means pigs feet.  I know.  They actually tasted pretty good, and Ethan knowing his german beers well, sent it to the moon with some strong black beers for lunch.

He also made a big friend in a local guy who was just doing cross roads and having a lunch time ale.  Ah the good life.

So this is the press conference, and anyone who didnt hear, yes there will be an Air and Style in Munchen on February 12th 2011, so thats going to be a big look in the new year.  With Nike involved there will be some pretty insane music, a great side event, and some of the worlds best riders throwing it down left right and center.

So sharply afterwards we were whisked away by the worlds media, well Onboard at least, back to their new office for tea, no biscuits, and a good chitter chatter.  The new issue is bom diggy by the way, check the cover

Peetu just checking for his shots and enjoying the photo annual.

So as part of our media day, Ethan and Peetu did some words about Air and Style, with these two likely lads as the question posers

You can imagine its like being questioned by Starsky and Hutch  “wheres the money you mug” “tell us about that night in dachstein when you were 15”.  No in actual fact all the questions were snowboarding related, except the final one “tell us about the pubic hair on your upper lip? ha ha

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Anyways Air and Style is back in Munich so see you there on Feb 12th!!!

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