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by The Good Life on November 25, 2010

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Back in the days of doing seasons here in Austria, when we were living in the Gasthof, the candle shop ghetto or near the petrol station in Ramsau, a family day out would basically involve a trip to Innsbruck, and going to the Burton Store, as a kind of rights of passage for any hardy seasonaire.  Go in there, try and bro down with the shop staff, read some magazines from around the world, well look at the pictures anyways, check out some product, hopefully play some Xbox, watch some snowboard films, and just feel part of the whole thing.

Stefan Maurer making an appearance right there by the door.

The shop stayed the same for a good few years there, and there had been various rumours of a refit for a while, but then this Summer, boom it happened! All of a sudden the shop is decked out like Kanye West on the red carpet on New Years eve, all dressed up and ready to go.

They got some product here.  Matthias the worlds best skater from Innsbruck giving this lucky chap his wisdom.

This is where the history is going down.  I never actually had a Burton board but I know my friend in 98 in france bought himself a Custom 56 with the sun going down, which I was sure was the best board ever, but I think it was more the methods that he did on that board.

This is where I would be if I was a kid.  Watching some films, maybe playing some Xbox, drinking monster till my fingers are shaking stevens, and checking out this board on the wall, and wondering what stories that board has from back in the day.  My guess is Hasi (Burton TM) took this out for some indy tweaks back in the day when he was pretty much as famous as an Austrian Shaun White is these days 🙂

Anyways go down there next time your in Innsbruck and have a look about, check out some history, and meet the nice crew working there, including the better half of well documented on here Mr Prendi.

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