Congrats and Get Well Soon

by The Good Life on November 15, 2010

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This weeked Pleasure Jam went down, and the guy on the left Mr Tor Lundstrom, after a slow start, killed the finals with a huge front 10 late cork kind of thing, which took him into 3rd place.  Jamie on the right got a bit broken off by one of the knuckles, as did a whole heap of people as that place has some serious knuckles.  So get well soon Mr Jamie you will be shredding in no time!
  Check Tor out at
The big Guy Gjermund Braaten, laid down a run of cab 5 back 10 double to double back rodeo 9, and came 5th.  Tough times from the judges for him….

As you well know we are half way through Movember, and there are more and more beauties appearing daily.  This one comes from the guys at  Mine is growing slowly but surely, but I think soon enough its going to need a proper bit of work to get it nicely groomed.

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