Freeze 2

by The Good Life on November 2, 2010

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Just a few more pictures from the weekend in the UK, a pretty amazing event, and hats off to Jamie for really representing for the British Crowd, well done boss.  Above Jamie and his sister waiting for the red bus to the event, he still takes the bus, and is definitely down to earth….
If I had a decent camera this would be seriously printed somewhere…..
There was a pretty amazing signing and stuff going on the 6.0 stand, well done to the guys there for all the hard work.
Out hotel, despite being pretty terrible, had an amazing line of adverts in the hotel.
Tim Warwood stayed in the same hotel, and had some pretty bad luck.  “hello reception, can i have a towel please?” so he jumps in the shower and when he gets out sees the friendly front desk have brought him 3 flannels.  Good for making a bikini i guess, but not much cop for getting a man dry after getting a crowd pumped up all day long…

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