by The Good Life on November 28, 2010

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Innsbruck is in a fantastic position nestled in the alps meaning you can be in Munich in 2 hours, Zurich in the same and by the same token Italy is just over the border. Italy is a beautiful country with some amazing food, drink and just culture in general. The after work drink is more than a pint, it’s aperole with some lovingly prepared snacks to go with it. Old people seem to spend their days putting the world to rights and young people love football, fashion, food ladies and most importantly their mums. Anyways here is just a few pictures from the innsbruck to Milano centrale station where i am waiting for a bus to bring my better half into town so we can start on some serious food and drink.

Milano centrale. Better than Maidstone east station just…

The architecture here is pretty all time aswell

People rushing. Italians do it well.

It was cold as hell today snowing everywhere and jack frost running the show.

Love Italy, Love Europe!

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