Milan by Night

by The Good Life on November 29, 2010

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We spoke to the cab drive who was pretty keen on us visiting a certain restaurant for dinner, I guess that was his friends place, so we had a look but took a street with loads of little restaurants which look like they only sit 10 people. We chose Narucca, which had a super nice guy outside greeting us, he led us in and before you know it we are downstairs, round a corner, nearly jumping on the tube then finally at our table. This was restaurant wa Italy at it’s finest so we ordered some good wine, feasted on bread before getting down to the main event. You know Jen you order and the person opposite makes you feel jealous for what you ordered? Yep that happened. My lamb was tasty for sure it was the real deal. But thinly sliced steak with parmesan was winning this clash of the titans everyday of the week. Anyways I got my share and both dishes were amazing as was the desert of tirimisu and sone biscuits served with port, so you just soak them in the booze then eat. Simple but effective. So as it was a dark restaurant the iPhone wasn’t really living the dream so the best pictures came from afterwards cursing the city.

The Duomo, the 3rd biggest church in the Milan behind Rome and another city, which I want to say is in brazil but not sure…

Italys equivilant of Selfridges and their Christmas decorations. With a rainfall light effect..

Shopping Arcades look a touch different here to in Swansea.

The Duomo again towering above the city…
I did promise there wouldn’t be any Hipstamatic today but this is is the live child of said App and HDMR and this is what they make of Mareike and her day in Milan sightseeing, pictureing, shopping, eating, drinking and Italying

Ciao Beuno sera!

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