Milano – Brandy and Melville

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Milan is a beautiful city, it shares many of the same attributes as Rome mostly the fact that every corner you go round you stumble upon some amazing buildings and architecture which is just there matter of fact, much like the station from the previous blog

This is on the parco siempe, and is a huge park around which me and the good lady Blume had the pleasure of walking round on the way to a stop at her new love Brandy and Melville

The shop is tucked away from the main street so only for those in te know to find it, or in my case good boyfriends who have gps on their phone and are willing enough to spend the morning in shops.

The layout of brandy and Melville is nicely done with it having the look and feel of a little vintage store yet at the same time having some good stuff in there, well that’s judging by the rugby scrum of ladies getting down in there.

You could say she was happy…. 2 hours later my back felt like it had been playing front row for wales, and I had also completed skate on the iPhone.

We spent some good times checking out the city and making ourselves feel like locals riding the subways, buses and trains, the only way to see a city really

The underground here is pretty interesting with Everyman and his dog selling umbrellas and fake stuff, whilst blokes come round playing harmonicas and accordions for money, whilst the odd crazy woman comes through screaming about the seven deadly sins while people look the other way.

We found our way around a load of the main sights including the duomo to come later, and some seriously good little spots for coffee, and cakes, again Italy runs Europe for food. The French can try but they are still lagging behind Luigi, Mario and his homeboys who are bringing fire from the kitchen time and again.

Even Madonna gets a look in, but gets a bit roughed up on the mean streets.

The main street also looked like there were UFOs flying around the place aswell..

Check again later for dinner and pictures which I promise won’t be hipstamatic.

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