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by The Good Life on November 7, 2010

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This weekend saw the launch of the Gigi Kaiju colourway, which we featured up on here last week.  Someone said, “we have a boot modelled on a football boot, how should we launch it”  so of course the answer was simple “hold a football match”
Along with Eli and Bjorn, who both did an amazing job, we built this set up for associated retailers, media, shop kids and more.  We had everything from locker rooms, to corner flags, to this old guy who came specially to smoke roll ups and paint the lines of the pitch.
Thomaz from Method, was in a team and getting after it.  It was an amazing event, with 8 teams, 40 players, and the cherished Rüf FC cup to be won.
We even had Bobby Meeks as ref and some players blurring the lines between athletism and well a quick beer.  Craighill trying to run through walls.

Thanks to the homies at The Mustachio for the Picture.  Check their review at
and in case you wondered…. Team Gigi including Muller, Austin Smith, Florent De Maria and yours truely won the event…. Florent was MVP!!

Next day it was time for shredding, so with an army of people nursing various stages of hangovers, we made our way to Tux.  These are the brains behind the boots and outerwear, Steve Adams and Pelletier who would later go on to nearly cause rauckas in Mayrhofen at Mos.

Our mustached friends bringing the phrase ghetto fabulous to a new level…..
Bobby Meeks about to tear into a Method.  Mine didnt work yesterday.  Strange that.
Thanks to all the media, retailers and Innsbruck locals for coming out to watch and take part.   Check the boots at X Double who have the exclusive drop for the next 2 weeks, and limited numbers so get down to Leopoldstrasse and get involved!

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