Nike Town London Launch

by The Good Life on November 11, 2010

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After 8 months of refurbishment on the upper floors the Nike Town London on Oxford Circus reopened this Tuesday after a star studded media launch on the Monday.  We had Peetu Piiroinen in the house alongside some legends of the sport game.

Didier Drogba, Carl Lewis, Cesc Fabregas, Ashley Cole, Paula Radcliffe, Peetu and a Rugby man who I dont know…

Theo Walcott was also there, who struck me as the nicest of the footballers, I was pretty scared of Drogba, as I guess most Premier League defenders are, he is about 186cms tall maybe 6″4 or something, and about two vans wide.  He is a monster, no wonder he scores so many, just wish he wouldnt play act the whole time.  Oh well good seeing, except I just heard he has malaria, so good job I didnt get too close.

Journo at work.  Think he was writing for the sun.  Dirty suit, and shorthand on a piece of paper.  Classic Journalist.

Me and Carl Lewis, Peetu and Ilmo.  A dream team.  anyone who doesnt remember Carl Lewis, shame on you, check it… He even has a slow start and wins…

He is a super nice and funny guy too.  New Hero for my runs.

They have amazing instore display, and this image in the 6.0 girls area of Carrissa Moore, reminding us all that Summer is only a few months off….

Have a good day

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