Stepping into the future?

by The Good Life on November 22, 2010

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I wanted today’s blog to be full of news and pictures of some legendary shredders mr Charlie Tidball and mr Dan Crichton. So we woke up at 7 the whole crew, hopped in the jiggawagon and headed for stubai. All good you say? No. 3minutes after leaving stubai there was huge ques. So we turned around and headed for media markt.

That’s how the future looks in 3d.
So yeah we spent the day cruising the shops of IBK.

Plumley just getting some new episodes of entourage on.
The only highlight of the day was watching this guy deal with the toll booth

We also dropped into Ikea and Plumley found this new gloves for snowboarding

Anyways could have been a good day of shredding but had fun cruising Innsbruck anyways

The boys getting their minds altered.

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