A British Christmas

by The Good Life on December 27, 2010

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So after arriving at 11pm back to the homestead in the UK, just intime for Uncle Buck the Christmas movie of 2010, it was inside for chocolates and christmas.

This was the view that greeted the jiggawagon.  Christmas lights and all.  This is where me and the jiggawagon part ways.  Thanks for the great times!

This is what Mum knocked up for us, no biggie for her, she just drops in and then boom here we go with Turkey and all the trimmings.  Whenever i seem to cook christmas dinner I always end up with either
a) me sweating from running round various appartments getting the food all cooking on time
b) being half cut by the time dinner is served
c) burning or forgetting something

Lucikly though Mum had it all under control, and we had a great dinner, thanks Mum!

She even cracked open the Christmas pudding, already infused with booze, plus then whisky poured on it, before some Baileys cream to go with it

Yes by the time this was served I managed to spill all manner of things on the table most probably due to me being as above b) half cut.

Christmas Day was the first showing of “Come Fly with Me” from the creators of Little Britain.  Definitely worth a watch or a download if your outside the UK.

Merry Christmas

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