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by The Good Life on December 19, 2010

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For those of you who know Bryan Knox will know that he is a nice guy, but seems somewhat scary in the beginning.  He is running things for Burton nowadays, so he is a man on a mission.  Here he is watching the Dew Tour Pipe.  Guess he wasnt too pumped.

On the back of Movember, here is the worlds most stylish snowboarder, the man himself Mr Danny Davis… rocking some serious mustache.

Ellery Hollingsworth wishines she was Euro.  She is trying the headband steeze her, but just missing the mark.  Pink boots is a euro look though, 5/10 fro trying.

This is the view from I77, on the way back from Denver to Breckenridge… Hope you had a good journey back to Norway. 

This was the view in the morning.  Pretty beautiful!

Check this video the latest installment from Ethan morgan.  Sorry about the swearing mum, but you gotta admit its funny stuff with Peetu, a true legend right here

German – Finish Lessons With Peetu and Jon from ethanmorgan.blogspot.com on Vimeo.

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