Breckenridge Groceries

by The Good Life on December 15, 2010

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Looks like he is about the rob the spot huh?  Maybe its because he is trying to hide something from us.

So whats he trying to hide?
Sugary cereal?
Energy Drink?
Ginger Hair?
No its all of the above, a Shaun White breakfast cereal.  Thats right the US is one different place when Shaun White is staring up at you every morning.  Notice there is no price. Maybe they cant even give them away?

You can also buy this stuff here.  Not sure if its to drink, or use in cooking or for northerners like Jamie Nicholls to say “ohhh Clam Juice”

Saw this badboy last night too.  Frends is repping hard over here, and Maseintheplace is doing his bit supporting the cause


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