by The Good Life on December 13, 2010

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So we flew in on a jet plane and it was straight to work today.  This picture made my day
This little doggy was trying to get some food from the Inkpot in Keystone, where we went shooting with Silje and Ethan.

Its all nice and Christmasy over here, and the main issue apart from the altutude is staying away from the Starbucks Christmas drinks, as already feel like I am getting some pounds on.
Mr Frode trying to put this badboy to a good home

Thats the serious breakfast Burrito right there.  No not the lady.  Thats Silje, in the pants her mum tuned up for her back home.  We rode Keystone today in some flat light and snow, but it was all good anyways, got some good stuff down with the crew.

Then this homeboy was in the house too…
Ethan Morgan

Check these two out at and

Anyways… otherwise all good, got a great house here, and gonna try and put out my best of China video now…

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