CHINA – getting ready for Air and Style Beijing.

by The Good Life on December 2, 2010

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So this little update comes through the magical touch of MR WEAVER (daddyoweaver) who is my guest editor for this week, since China doesn’t allow blogs or facebook.  So its a few pictures so far from  China, and then the rest of the week – he will be updating you on my behalf for the rest of the week. 

 Red Bull Water – I have been drinking a lot of water trying to make sure my body is healthy and then after the 6th bottle realised …. it is actually Red Bull water! Can’t get away from Austria , even in China

 Stadium with sky. – Note – this is the Stadium where the Air and Style is going down.  Serious Place, but was too windy today, looks great set up though!

 Chinese restaurant with Germund –  We had some amazing dinner last night, rotating food, lots of crispy duck, loads of interesting food and all tasty!

 Gjermund eating with chopsticks – Riders nowadays blog everything from riding, to eating.  Gjermund doing his bit with Neils Fisheye from Milton Keynes.

Skyline – This is how Beijing looks from our room, pretty big place, 16 million registered people living here – another 5 m not registered!  This is the first day without cloud and smog in a while they said, but its been windy all day.

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