China Part 1

by The Good Life on December 12, 2010

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So at long last here we go with the first of a few picture updates from China.

This is the view from the 66th floor, where we went for a few drinks on the last night.  Nice place, looks busy as hell down below even at 1am….

This was the restuarant for the last night, this guy cooked infront of us, whilst Gjermund looked in awe, and maybe giving someone the eye.  That was a nice spot, your own room, sake, all your can eat and drink…. boo yah!

Peetu giving China the old thumbs up, as it seems he has found himself a wife.

KB giving his lady the treatment here.  A lot of these posts seems to have Kevin and a lady…?

Another day another chef for dinner, this time Peking Duck.  Now that was the 2nd best dinner of the week…

This is how Nanshan looks, serious place this, pretty sick hill, with everything you need to ride, Pipe, kickers, rails, loads of lifts, no ques…. book your next holidays here!

More tommorow

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