by The Good Life on December 6, 2010

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Just as everyone thought that the only crisis was in Greece, an Irish leprechaun suddenly popped up his head to say that things were not quite ‘tigerish’ anymore in Ireland, after years of EU money being poured into the country.
So the EU thought long and hard – well five minutes to be exact and hey presto we can suddenly find loads of cash to help out the poor chap (Mr Cowan the Prime minister  in drag) but in his wisdom he says that they are all fine and do not need the money. After all the EU owes him a favour of two as he kept asking the voters whether or not to approve the so called Lisbon Treaty, and he kept asking until they said ‘YES’, thereby preventing a referendum for the non elected EU boys to have to account for themselves.
In a day or so Brian as Mr Cowan is called, suddenly said we need cash – not a loan just an overdraft – 70 billion Euros will do for the time being just to tide us over.
All is well again until the nasty people in the press start talking about Portugal, Spain and Belgium – I bet the Germans are quaking in their winter boots at the prospect of bailing out Spain – their debts are more than Greece, Ireland and Portugal put together – but never mind we will just ask/take more.
After all the UK pays in £48 million every day to the EU – the UK government takes about £65m a day in fuel duty so when you fill up your cars just remember that you are helping the double counting or no accounting at all in EUland. Also worth a mention that for the last 15 years the EU accounts have not been agreed by their accountants as so much money is not accounted for – try getting a bank loan with those accounts !!!!
So the good ship EU sails on regardless of what goes on in the real world as they ask for an increase of  6% in their budget when everyone else is cutting back – don’t think about it too long as the ship sails by full of unelected bureaucrats with their snouts in the trough.


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