FIFA – or what is left of it.

by The Good Life on December 4, 2010

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Putin winking  at Sepp Blatter and saying  ‘ I owe you one’  – or maybe ‘You owe me one’ 

If you had hours/days to spare on a desert island and of course a computer, you would never have managed to dream up the scenario of Zurich and the ‘fair play’ FIFA. The Swiss gnome – old man Bladder and his cronies (wealthy no doubt) managed it in no time at all – well overnight by all accounts.
This is FIFA who with their seeding system makes sure that the ‘favourites’ always get to the last eight- so stuff the also rans – Fiji, Jamaica etc ( no apologies Mr Warner) just that the gang of 24 – less those suspended for alleged corruption but will be back next week,  but we will always forgive you for getting caught !! By the way Warner represents Jamaica and the Caribbean.
They have re-written the meaning of integrity – liars and cheats are what the press worldwide are calling them – surely if you are having a stitch up at least try to make it look real – or is the word transparent in political terms.
The motto of this once respected organization is ‘Fair Play’ but to whom – the developing world – oh no the committee who are alleged to have been ‘worked on’ by the Russian mafia – sorry government  – Daily Telegraph estimates that the FSB and Co (run by Vlad and his mates ) takes $200 billion per annum – it makes your eyes water at trying to count the zeros !!!!.
It was always strange that Vlad and his cohorts did not attend the ‘event’ – maybe counting his loot – but suddenly like a rabbit out of a hat Bladders produces the Ruskies as winners – cue overweight people to jump up and down a la X Factor trialists with the Chelsea (UK) owner is the midst. However by magic Vlad appears in Zurich after dark to embrace old Bladders – a marriage made in the cash vaults of Heaven.
From various press articles FIFA made £900 M from the event in South Africa – all hotel bookings had to go through FIFA so that they had a ‘rake off’ or in polite circles – commission. What they have not publicized is that the South African government gave them a tax free status so that no tax was paid on any profits made in South Africa – so much for developing the game in that lovely country. No doubt the gnomes of Zurich would have been busy with all that cash.
Panorama reported last year that for the Caribbean counties all tickets and travel arrangements had to be made via one agent – Yes that nice Mr Warner who is a committee member. No legal action has been taken to challenge those allegations.
Onwards and upwards – no  – not the temperature, but we then turn to Qatar – a country even smaller than my beloved Wales with summer temperatures at 45C so they will build many stadia with air conditioning – all within 20 miles of the only major city – Doha – and only a population of just over 1.1m – Why you ask did they get it – well sources indicate that the boss of Asian footie is from Qatar and had advised ‘sources’ that he would challenge Bladders for the top job. As a result Bladders allegedly bought off this challenge by making sure that the ‘event’ went to Qatar thereby appeasing this gentlemen.
If you want sand then go to Qatar – that is not disrespectful but if they did  not have oil/gas who would even give them a second look – over to you Bladders.
Maybe they will bring in a new rule – we will have 24 in our team – you will retain 11 and we play down hill on a Swiss  slope for the whole game – no switch over – just for fun but as long as we make loads of money for the benefit of  – well you make up your own minds.
Maybe the press who have been made scapegoats will pursue this load of cheats, spivs,  to reveal a great deal more of their total lack of integrity – but then they never knew the true meaning anyway – pass the vodka chaps after all it is free!! Compliments of the ruskie travel bureau – the FSB (son of KGB)
In our dreams we can only hope that those with any true feelings for the game will join together to challenge FIFA as they are only feathering their own nests and not pressing ahead with spreading the ‘beautiful game ‘.
In short – what a shower!

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