On Tour with the Jack Army

by The Good Life on December 28, 2010 · 2 comments

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One of the best things about Christmas, is Boxing Day Football, a long tradition in Britain.  So we jumped in the car what with the trains all being cancelled and headed for West London, Loftus Road, home of QPR who are top of the league at the moment, who faced the mighty Swansea city with the fantastic Jack Army including me and the guest editor senior of the Good Life Mr Weaver.
This is how it looks 2000 Swansea Fans…..
Good seats, front row upper tier, just a shame about the game, those dirty QPR players were playing serious games with the ref… The legend Alan Tate got sent off for fighting, good for him…
This is how the Mighty Jack Army sounds…. great atmosphere, my dads even in on the act.  We need to say the best thing at Loftus Road was the “zinc” as my dad calls it, bascially the stuff in front of your seat which was amazing for kicking in time to the songs…. “jack army, jack army, kick kick, jack army, jack army”

Jack Army on Tur from The Good Life Jon Weaver on Vimeo.
This was the halftime scrum to get a cup of tea… All of a sudden the police got involved down there and one bloke got in some trouble before the jacks started singing “and its christmas, so let him go, yes its christmas, lets let him go” and the police soon released him to the cheers and song of “you jack bastard, you jack bastard”

This is how football in the UK looks.  Overdoing it?

I think we must be one of the few countries where we use Police Horses still.  Any trouble and you get a horse tracking you down.  Police in the UK dont carry guns, but ride horses…..

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