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by The Good Life on December 17, 2010

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Thats right. Happy Looking Team dropping into some butternut squash soup.  Thats how it goes down here.  Homemade all the way….
This was about as good as our street rail mission went today.  Pumpkin Lattes in Starbucks on Breckenridge Mainstreet for days.  Brothers from different mothers keep it dirty in the coffee spot. is a sharpshooter, no question.  Trying to hold up a Starbucks is his second profession.  His 3rd job is trying to get me to drink Caremel Mochiattos or anything with over 400 calories in it.  Americano or good old PG tips has become the drink of choice.
Yesterday NBC rolled in to film with Halldor and Sage Kotzenburgerlerausderamericanisher and so we were on clean up duty.  This was someones breakfast.  Candy in Milk.  Thats right, smelt as rough as it looked.
Otherwise the whole crew have been shredding the contest, Peetu went through then filmed some serious lines in the mini park with me, expect that to drop tommorow, but for now enjoy this from keystone.

Cruising in Keystone from on Vimeo.

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