Air France a la Air Chance

by The Good Life on January 3, 2011

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This is the scene in Bordeuax Airport.  My two bags didnt arrive in 5 days of being in france, and so I think they had a romantic stay in Paris, so I guess thats something, but meant that I had to rely on what I had with me and the generosity of Mr Greenshields.  The Air France people were pretty much useless in helping track my bag whilst in France, and then when I returned to the Airport 5 days later, 1 was just sitting there, in amoungst this mess.
The other had been taking by a white van man, but decided to forget to give him my phone number, so of course he couldnt deliver it.
Anyways, with 1 bag back in my possesion, and another with a few bits from France, I jumped back on Air France, confident that it would all be fine on the journey home.
Happy Days…..

Then of course, we landed in Munich, and look at what was awaiting me.
Thats right.  Millions more bags.  And mine?  Well with the new 3rd bag, the three of them are travelling around Europe as we speak, and not in my possesion.  Nice one Air France, and thanks for the terrible customer service in helping me find my bags.  You know the ironic thing? When you log on the site and go to 10 most frequently asked questions, guess which is the most asked? “where is my lost luggage?”
Air Chance.

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