Banterbox is On Fire

by The Good Life on January 25, 2011

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Banterbox has once again been on the road running things this season.  We had some new jobs coming in, some old ones going strong, and good times being had.  After a busy summer with our first skate and surf events and our first wedding, yep, a wedding, Its been full on going from Air and Style China, through Stuttgart where Henry was holding down the Big Air over to Davos and Laax.

It was my Pleasure to host the Burton European Open in January, 8 days straight but great times all round and meant I got to meet a load of amazing new riders.  Big up to all those involved in European Open, a great event as always and along with Air and Style my biggest events to date.
The crowd were great as always, even posing for a photo and cheering all week long.  Some parents were there 8 days straight watching and getting involved.

Meanwhile Henry Jackson has been holding it down in the webcast room in Laax, and also Davos for the Evoloution, where he had a guest presenter Benny Westcher, here with Peetu dropping the words of wisdom
Henry gave Silvia a tough time when she dropped in…. made for good tv.

 We also lined up some TV work for James Thorne for Davos too, as this young money was too busy carrying the winners checks away from the event.

Whats next?  Well, Henry was in charge for the rookie fest in Livigno, and shralp called him “the voice of snowboarding” then we head over to Innsbruck and Munich for Air and Style.  Due to a couple of things with other commitments, I wont be able to host in Innsbruck or Munich this year, which is a shame, but meaning Henry will take over the reigns is a great thing as it means the Banterbox train keeps rolling on strong across the world and with a couple of things in the pipeline, we should be going global later this season.

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