by The Good Life on January 10, 2011

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This time of year can mean only one thing-European open, one of the worlds best contests, amazing Slopestyle and a banging pipe.

We have the dreamteam here jar a couple of spots missing at the dinner table for Peetu and Jamie who are out taking care of business

We also have the big guy taking care of everyone

He is just getting back up to speed with the snowboard world right about now and that’s what he makes of it….

This guy seems to think he is in charge of the Appartment now

The man behind the hand jan Scherrer is just chilling with 10k in his back pocket after evolution in Davos.

Silje has the boys under control though

On the hill the riders are mostly in semis so just spending the days training on course..

Mr jiggaman is also in charge on the hill

Have a good week!

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