On the road again

by The Good Life on January 27, 2011

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Just before leaving, the weather changed, and we had some snowfall, so me and the snow princess went out in the evening to get involved.
 Its not loads, but a lot for Austria in recent times.

I saw this on hill just before leaving though.  Boom Box on your snowboard anyone?
This was the view above the clouds on DL131

Then its time for the great American signs

This is Leadville, where I managed to get lost, for a couple of hours, and being tired had to stay in a hotel here to stop me sleeping at the wheel.

Add funny caption here please…

This is how it looks rolling into Aspen

This is something I filmed with Ethan before leaving, good edit from him, good riding, and I managed to keep up…

X-Games 2002 – Ethan Morgan from ethan-morgan.com on Vimeo.

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