Stuttgart Big Air Pt 2

by The Good Life on January 6, 2011

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So yesterday we had the finals of the Stuttgart Big Air, a pretty sweet event, and everyone did good, Mario Kappeli rolled in with a 3rd place and won some serious cash money, and Chas Guldemond won a good 25k.

Ethan ruled the day though.  He managed to get 3rd in the qualies, with some ft 10s, back rodeos and some good rail stuff, so the german people were loving their boy.

However there was a sinister overtone to the day with the German Hero.

This was him pre finals, all looking good.  Except for that weapon under his arm.

So after getting knocked out of the contest, Ethan packed his stuff, and as we packed up the car, he said “i just want to go and give my old board to someone in the crowd”.  So off he ran to make a fan happy.
So he runs back a happy camper and off we go to Davos.
Half an hour later the phone rings and its panic back in Stuttgart,
“hey jon, where are you?”
“already half an hour away”
“you have to bring ethan back right away, when he threw the board out, it hit a girl in the head, and she is now in hospital”
“what are you serious???”
“yes for sure, get there now with flowers”
So with Ethan worrying for his livelihood, we drove back, got some flowers, and then off we went, to see his victim.  Ahhh Ethan.  Only he could try and do something nice but it turn out bad.
The girl had to have some stitches but was really understanding, and she was great about it, thankfully, but lets just say, he will have a couple of extra tickets hopefully for the air and style munich to say sorry.

Thats him.  The offender from Germany.

In more goodlife related information, this is the doggie doggy of Mr Jessie Augustinus mum, Sandra, so not only does she have a cute son, she know has a cute dog too.

Jamie, Silje and Ethan living it up, and moaning about waiting for me.  Quality of hipstamtic is going down here.  Es tut mir leid.

See you all in Davos!

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