Livigno Going down

by The Good Life on February 24, 2011

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This is what I am now looking down at everyday when I am riding.  This cutey.  Reminds me of a special someone when I am riding 🙂  Except the orange hair it could be a flower girl.
I also got these badboys strapping me on the board. Thanks to Marian for the hook up, stoked on this Mikkel Bangbang set up.  Someones gotta rep for the tall people now he is injured and Danny Wheeler is retired.

So we are in Livigno, Italy now, and seriously its like a football match, a tale of two halves.  On one hand, a great park, good looking women, and good, no great food, and wine, then on the other hand, you have this hotel where we are staying.  Seriously.  Its like you have been flying business class the last 10 years and then you have to ride the flight to the states on the floor of the bathroom.  Surrounded by Russians and Polish people on some kind of weird 80s inspired horrible package holiday.

Jamie Nicholls almost had a hissy fit and wanted to move out, closely followed by the rest of the team, but after some good food, it was all good.  As you can see jamie wasnt hyped on the “beef stew” So these are the highlights and low lights from the few days here so far.

Wine is always good here.  Even the cheap stuff.
This is the Lobby.  Beautiful right.  Normally this is awash with thousands of kids from Italy, Russia, Poland, who annoy me, and annoy Jamie even more, and makes me happy that I dont holiday in this hotel.  
They do however have a duty free shop in the hotel.  A bottle of Jim Beam costs 6.40 euros. I know.  Crazyness here.  Duty Free, just gotta make sure you dont get caught taking too much home.
So I get to the park today and a shaper says to me “you cant ride today, no helmet no ride in my park” so I said well ok, and snaked some runs, and guess what next run?  This Homie above drops in with his ski boots on and says to me “you need to wear elmet or you cannot being in here”  Really police in the park here today.  So a few minutes later just to film the boys I was dressed up in this big old helmet….
Great look I know.
But well I have to do it if the boys want to make such great edits as below….
And the great news from the Riverjump is that this youngmoney Jamie Nicholls came 3rd!!! So stoked for him, charging all day long
Jamie was charging all day long, and did cab 9 front 7 into a big old backside 10, and stomped the hell out of it, or as he said “landed bolts everytime” so that was pretty sweet!  Super stoked for him!  Charging after his 2nd place at the stairset battle and 3rd place at the Air and Style IBK.
Would like to think that it was all because of the work of this guy, the physio man himself…
Anyways off now for some more of the goodlife featuring Mr Sani Alibabic
More updates to come.  Well done again Jamie you killed it!

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