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Ah.  Oslo. Now when the Goodlife was designed, i think it was probably with places like Oslo in mind.  If you havent been, you should definitely put this on your list of things to do.

In Winter its beautiful and cold, and really picturesque, whilst in Summer its beautiful and warm, and really picturesque.  You get the picture.

It seems to have taken the best parts of many cultures, wrapped them up and produced an example for the rest of the world to try and strive too.  It has good places to go and eat and drink, like the States, it has a love of football like the UK, and a love of Winter Sports, like most of Scandavia, it also has some amazing scenery and buildings, and well there is one small thing you cant ignore.  The People.  Knock me sideways they are all beautiful.  No messing.  All the chaps look like replicas of this guy

A warrior like, lover man going by the name of Andreas Wiig, and all the women look like this cutey
This is Marion Raven.  I tell you.  Brunette, blond, boy, girl, they are all good looking.
600,000 people live in Oslo, and it really is a place to spend some time.  We were there in Summer in Larvik, followed by some time in Oslo whilst Mrs Goodlife was doing some shopping, its an amazing place.  
So what went down in Norway then?  Well we went to the Arctic Challenge, which was a great event, good riding, good people, nice mellow atmosphere, so far removed from the overhype of the X Games it was super refreshing to hang out in a more laid back environment.
Thats the course from the top.  
We went out for some nice dinners, and some drinks for Torsteins birthday party, and realised that aswell as being one of the nicest cities on earth, its also one of the most expensive.  
The team all did amazing, with Sage getting 3rd, Gjermund 6th and Ethan 9th, a pretty decent haul, considering Peetu wasnt even riding.
We also saw the man the myth the legend Mr Nathan Gallagher back on snow shooting for the reason.
Digital is so 2008.  Its all about Medium Format, and getting that sprayed by team managers with nothing better to do.  Sorry sir.
Next year the World Snowboard Championships will be going down in Oslo, in what will again, be some of the best riding of the year, in one of the nicest settings possible.  This was the view from the air leaving Oslo.
Tommorow is another Gossip from the Goodlife featuring Peetu, some drop in again tommorow evening.

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