Ups and Downs in Livigno

by The Good Life on February 25, 2011

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Livigno aswell as having good snow, great food, and a bad hotel, is a tax free country all on its own.  So in honour of Joonas Mustonen I dropped in on some Silver Select Jack Daniels.  22 Euros.  You can buy a 3 litre bottle of Smirnoff Vodka here for 11 euros aswell.  People with a drinking problem this is your place.
Our dream team dropped in too, and also on some cigars.  Must be hoping for some big results at the event.

This was Dinner last night.  Damn straight its good.
And now to the hotel of horror.  This is how it looks.  Italian kids.  Russian fat people with mullets, Polish people with seriously the worst smell ever.  Its like they have never washed in their whole life.  It just isnt funny.  Seriously Jamie Nicholls was ready to throw his toys out the pram.  

 This morning though, all was good. Me and the big Guy Schröder took off for a few runs while the team were in bed still.  This was how the set ups looked.  I tell you. Fun times right there.

It was 5cm fresh blown into pockets, and amazing for slashing.

 This is Jan at 8.34am this morning throwing down like he is Travis Rice.

A quick hot chocolate meant I had to leave my cuteypie with all these ugly skis.  The skiers were jealous of baby girl hanging out in the snow in only a skirt.

 Contest on in just a few minutes,  Catch Jamie Nicholls, Ethan Morgan and Jan Scherrer shredding…

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