A Day in the Park

by The Good Life on March 5, 2011

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Well about 2 hours, for a quick lunchtime shred to be exact.  I got up to see Jamie Nicholls throwing cab 12s like its nothing, so quickly the alternative line of joy was found with this lot

Winning the award for backside air of the day, Chris Chatt.

Rowan Coultas is at at least half my age, and at least twice as good as me.  Makes sense right? no me neither.  Check his blog at http://www.rowancoultas.com/ as its just been redone and he is back on the shred.
When it comes to alterntive lines this guy is king, David Van Gessel Handplanting for Danny Larsen.
I had to show that the single trick learnt in the last year is the ability to kick out the back leg on a method.  Board is unfortunately not above the head so Henry wont be 100% satisfied.
Winner of Artsy shot of the day goes to Jamie Nicholls for this handplant, well no actually it goes to Nik Coultas for seeing this shot and the bloke in the background who makes it work so well.  Well done Nik for all the shots, and look forward to some more days in the slush soon!

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