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by The Good Life on March 6, 2011 · 1 comment

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So the last couple of years for me have been a lot of work, a lot of hosting events, a lot of being injured as my snapped arm kept me out for the best part of a season, and so riding for myself has taken a back seat for a good couple of years, not through choice, but more through circumstance.
Anyways though, this week, the boys kept telling me of Kaltenbach and said I had to come for a couple of days with them, and so we did and I tell you, that was the most fun couple of days in ages.  So I have to say thank you to Tom, Plumley, Neil, Henry, Chatt, DVG, James Carr for getting me down there, filming, shredding and shredding again together.  Cant beat those days.

I am sure by now Tales from the T Bar is either on CNN or banned so its definitely famous, and you may have saw a couple of shots in there, but this has a few more shots from me, Tom West finally grabbing Nose, James Carr showing what style is all about, Plumley Tweaking and Henry warming it up for his Back 7 which we still need to film.

Anyways fellas this is for you.  By the way, Arcady the song is Pete Dohertys ideal vision of old town England.  Quite apt really.

2 Days in Kaltenbach from The Good Life Jon Weaver on Vimeo.

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