Flachauwinkl sights and sounds

by The Good Life on March 31, 2011

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So with being on the road a lot, I am very lucky to see a lot of the world, and what it has to offer.  Todays blog features part 1 about a Austrian Supermarket and what they offer, and part 2 featuring some binding decor….

So lets drop in.
We walked into the Spar and Flachau and were greeted by this guy…

No biggie but there he was trying to sell us coke, the black Lederhosened man himself.
On closer inspection it turns out Eero Ettala has been doing some summer business aswell, 
so now we gots these two badboys selling us Coke, and…… Mankinis!
Come on.  Austria has some serious business going down in the Supermarkets here
Try saying no to this combo platter!
So what else did I see today?
Thats right.  The pink panther got abducted and was shredding some Forum bindings for the day…
He was doing some serious rail riding, but I still havent found a ransom note.
Other binding fashion going down included 
Some Flow Bindings were saying “Feel Free Sexy Huh”
whilst Henry Jackson was sticking to the “stiff” bindings of the day.
So there you have it. Winners for today Eero Ettala, Pink Panther and that guy in the Spar.

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