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Throughout the history of the Goodlife being a blog, i have posted a few reviews of books, films and things which I have found really interesting, and todays post is just that.  Its a really eye opening book by Brian Tracy, who has been in the area of self achievement since his audiobook in 1985.  In 2004 he had a book called Maximum Achievement, which is in the top 50 of Success Classics, so he is in good company.
I have often read a lot about the importance of Goals and Goal setting in any walk of life, and the virtues have been extolled by many writers such as Earl Nightingale and Robert Kiyosaki other writers who I have enjoyed.
It basicallys follows things such as the Law of Attraction i.e. the more that you think about something and focus upon it, the quicker that is what you become, I suppose the easier way to think about it is you become what you think about most of the time.  It encourages you to really define your goals, unlock your potential and take action to make it happen.
Its a really interesting way of looking at life and really makes you sit up and think about where your headed in life, and where you want to get, in terms of work, personal life, friends and everything else.  The book also encourages you to tap into your superconscious mind, and a trigger for that is writing down your goals daily from memory which stimulates to think of new ways to ways to get where you wanna go.
So make sure you check it out..Next book for me might be this one…
Whilst we are talking about Goals, lets just all have a minute for the Championships most exciting winger, the legend himself Scott Sinclair.  Come on the Swans.  8 games left, lets make this happen!

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