Inside Job

by The Good Life on March 22, 2011

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You should all make sure you check out this film

Now I am not for the first second going to try and explain on this small blog, what exactly happened to the worlds financial system during the crisis/recession/government led crime wave, but it does open your eyes, and show you that the US government and that of many European governments knew all about the bubble that was creating the worlds prosperity which would eventually create one of the biggest recessions since the great depression.
Its scary though, as basically through deregulatioon, the banks, insurance firms and rating agencies have been carrying on like theres no tommorow, and when the house of cards finally fell in September 2008 they all came grovelling to the government who created the mess through the lax rules on lending and leverage and asked them to bail them out.  Of course we are all seeing right now, that through spending cuts across the world, it is infact the man on the street who is paying for this mess.
Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke.  Watch them squirm as they try and say they have saved the economy in the US, even though Paulson was one of the guys who pushed for deregulation.
There are two compelling points, which leave you cold at the end.
The first is that no banker, no politician, no person of power, has been charged with any wrong doing in the bringing about of the financial crisis, and even those, who bet their own money on the fact that their own companies would go under, havent been charged, and have managed to hang on to the huge fortunes they have amassed.  Crazy.
The second thing is that in the US due to increasing tuition fees in the states and lack of government support for education, this current generation coming through the education system, will for the first time in centuries be less educated than their parents.  Scary though for the US, as what will that mean for this generations kids, when they are all addicted to facebook, rubbish tv, and microwave meals.  You will be lied to again by the government and taken for a ride.  Opps thats happened all ready.

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