by The Good Life on March 1, 2011

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I tell you.  The Vans Penkan Park in Mayrhofen has a new threat.  10 minutes down the road, is Kaltenbach a place you normally go to shred some powder, but since the introduction of Wille at Betterparks, and Almdudler, we now have another amazing park in Zillertal.  However being a bit higher for the medium jump riders amoungst us, maybe this place has the upperhand.  The snow is actual real snow, and you can get an edge in the snow, the jumps are the same as Hintertux where the landings meet the jumps, and there is just a few people.  Although it has to be said with just the small rope tow, its a good job.

Seriously though, lucky as I am to travel a lot, watch many of the best snowboarders throwing down on a daily basis, and watch contest after contest its amazing to remember why we are all in the business. For days like today, shredding with the boys, doing some jumps, and for a split second feeling like your Torstein Horgmo.  Really stoked on today, and those times shredding with the crew back in the valley.

This is my new Gigi Boots.  They Change colour in the sun from white to pink.  They were holding it down as the new dream set up along with the Love 59 and the Malavita bindings.

This is the best action shot of the day from David Van Gessel on a little pole jam…  We didnt take any more snaps as we were filming for “Tales from T Bar 3” which is coming soon!

Amazing day with the other half of Banterbox Mr Henry Jackson, Tom West, Chris Chatt, Neil Campbell, Ollie Plumley and Darcy!

Make sure to check out the park in Kaltenbach and watch out for tales from the T Bar 3!

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