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by The Good Life on March 7, 2011

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So the winter is in full spring, and Snowboarders seem to produce more videos than me and you have had hot dinners.

So for today, I am just posting up 3 videos which seem to be ready to break the internet anyday now…
This is the trailer from the first of the Transworld Park Sessions, where Mclovin dropped his backside 1440 triple cork.

The next video is from lady killer herself Silje getting after it in Breck.  Worringly she has way more tricks than my edit last week 🙂

Silje Breckenridge Feb 2011 from Silje Norendal on Vimeo.

Then the last edit is from the crew just before Air and Style Munich when the crew where up in Mayrhofen

More Snowboarding Videos

Full updates again tommorow, with stories of my sinking into an overflowing stream.

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