No End In Sight

by The Good Life on March 24, 2011

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So following on the back of “Inside Job” comes another documentary from Charles Ferguson No End In Sight which follows the two year period from the beginning of the American Occupancy of Iraq in 2003.
The film depicts how the American Government set about toppling Saddam Hussein, on the back of the September 11th you remember, they said Osama Bin Laden from Afganistan was guilty so decided to to Saddam first……. Thats another story….
And do basically it shows a few points which beggar belief.
Firstly aided an abetted by this idiot Donald Rumsfeld,
Paul Brenner, who was made in charge of overseeing the reconstruction of Iraq following the US invasion.  So the first mistake that this muppet made, was by not having a policeforce in place after they first rolled into town, and not giving the US Army Marshall law, meaning that they couldnt stop the Iraqi people from Looting shops, businesses, schools and hospitals and effectively leading to the break down of a nation.  He was given a list of 20 building to save from being looted by a task force, including museums, national records, the list goes on, and not one was saved, oh apart from the Oil Reserve Depot.
So quickly afterwards he moved into “de-bahafication” whereby no one from the previous regime, including qualified doctors etc werent trusted to do any jobs, and therefore without jobs.
To be fair with this guy as a role model Brenner didnt stand much chance
So what was the last thing?  oh yeah.  Paul Brenner came in, and effectively fired all 500,000 of Iraqs Army and Police.  So to clarify that means that soon after toppling Saddam a dictator, the Americans, said to half a million trained soldiers (still with weapons) “well chaps, thanks for coming but we dont need you, so sorry but no more money, food, fuel, electricity for you or your familys”  so you can imagine what happened to that looting?  Yep that turned into the insurgents and Iraqis who fell into extremism and the like, as to be honest, with nothing else to believe in, they must have been easy prey.
That would effectively be like if 5 million US men and women were sacked from the Armed forces, equipped with weapons, with foreigners in their country.
And this guy, had no idea what was going on…. AND HE WAS SECRETARY OF DEFENSE

That was him trying to talk about the weapons of mass destruction which they were supposed to have.
Anyways as I say, with this guy running the place, no wonder it went array.

 Make sure to check out the film….And just to round up.  The film states that the total cost of the Iraq War is obviously the many thousands of lives lost for this cause, plus 1.82 trillion dollars.  To put it in perspective, 700billion dollars, was how much the US bailout cost, would have been enough to take the majority of the worlds people out of poverty.  Instead the Americans spent twice that on a war, which the effectively managed to screw up in the first month of being in the country by sacking the entire countries Army.

If only the politicians had one bit of integrity or honour as much as the soldiers who are serving around the world right now, then the world would be a better place.  Lets just hope Libya doesnt turn into the next Iraq.

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