Swansea City VS Hitler

by The Good Life on March 30, 2011

in Swansea City FC

Now as you all know, the worlds best football team are currently vying for promotion, so on the back of yesterdays highlight reel, I found this on the Daily telegraph, which whilst sensitive to our germanic friends is funny as hell.

 From nowhere a house in the streets of Swansea has popped up which looks surprisingly like the mustached man himself Hitler.
Apparently Jimmy Carr posted this on twitter and all of a sudden this house is at the centre of an “internet storm” because of how much the house looks like the mad austrian. 

 So a little more research and it seems that Hitler was around when Swansea lost that Spanish Waiter to Wigan.

But anyways, enough of that chap, lets remind ourselves once more of what Swansea is famous for

Thats right.  19 goals deep and counting.  Scott Sinclair.
Rosie Webster from Corrie.  Thats his mrs, and she comes to the games, and shouts with the rest of the jack army
Anyways enough for today, just remember this weekend, the Swans continue onwards and upwards as we push towards the premier league!!!!

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