Tales from the T Bar 3

by The Good Life on March 4, 2011

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Now its been quite a while since I have featured in any movie/edit/slam section/stunt movie and so this is quite the honour for me, as normally I am either behind the camera//TMing/injured/hosting an event and so after about 18 months without hitting jumps properly after breaking my arm its on again.

There is no triples, double corks, 10s, just good times.

To qoute Tom West
This month sees these idiots travel to italy for a sword fight. bit of boarding in kaltenbach, “spot check” on surfhouse the return of jon just do it weaver some flips and skating thrown in too, enjoy.

Tales From The T Bar Episode 3 from tales from the t bar on Vimeo.

We filmed a few bits down in Kaltenbach, with this crew

Tom West was filming a whole load of it. 

Henry Jackson straight after some pow lines, dropped in to show everyone what a Back 7 looks like, 

James Carr rolled into town, and tweaked the hell out of everything.  Such good style.  

Neil Campbell, the legend, the cat.  You probably bought a fish eye for your Iphone 4 from him.
Stevie Battaleon.  Watch that edit for the qoute from David Van Gessel

That Silhouette suggests Mr Plumalog himself.

There is going to be an extended version of the Jiggaman shredding it up so stayed tuned for that this weekend!

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