The Sounds at US Open

by The Good Life on March 14, 2011

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So as with the post the other day, we saw the Sounds play straight after the Event.  Maja shouted out “wheres the love?” So me and TK just bounced and showed her where the Love is.  Sani Alibabic shot these and as you can see aswell as being a legend on the shred and all round good guy, he is the boss with a camera.
We were loving The Sounds, they were super fun, and so different from everything in the uber controlled states it was amazing to see her Drinking, Smoking, Spitting, Swearing, Loving, Hating, Screaming, she is the boss.
Of Course Charlie Sheen lovers everywhere were on fire
I was announcing the whole thing, and this was just before the handstand contest, and just after some screaming……

Thank you again everyone at the Open for a great week!

Thanks Sani!  Check out for more on the boss.

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