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by The Good Life on March 20, 2011

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Straight from the US Open in Stratton, it was time to jump on various planes, and head for France.
The week started out tough with our nice mellow Albany – Newark – Geneva flight getting changed to a horrible looking Albany – Chicago – Frankfurt – Geneva and then upon landing a 3 hour transfer, so you can imagine…. It takes a good 3 hours up so our whole journey was around 2 days travel.  Had Seppe Smits and Matt Ladley for company.  This was the inflight material with United.  Looks like we were travelling in the 80s.

We landed and Annecy was looking pretty sweet.  
So we headed for Tignes.
First night we rolled in and Vito was charging on the funradio, a pretty random set up…

Silje Norendal was in the house with this little set up going down.

We had Tinie Tempah in the house too, had some fun times with that guy..
Whilst we were there, there was a meeting for “We are Snowboarding” a new riders union set up, which is setting up to help the riders get a better set up for themselves for events and stuff.  Going to write a bunch more this week about that for the gossip from the goodlife with Onboard.  

Mr Gerome our French Legend was in the house.  Rolled up without a helmet and so had fun times organising him a new one.

This is the crowd, they claimed 20,000 people watching Pipe Finals.  Slightly short of the mark, but still a good bunch of people, and amazing riding going down.

Maseintheplace was doing it for Frends, dropping some stylish runs, including the best b5/rodeo thing ever.  Love that.  Thanks for the new headphones, hyped on them.

Jan Schroder the physio legend got a standing tribute from Mason for getting him through the event.  He was on hand getting the riders through it all day everyday.  Here he is getting Gerome up and running.
His most glorious moment came when he got his english slightly wrong, and after seeing Jenny Jones one day, he text her to say basically, come back anytime, dont give it a second thought, however with his english it came out as
“Hey Jenny, If you need to see me again, dont bother coming back” 
It was all quickly resolved, but anyways, Jan, thank you for the amazing support this season!
Jamie Nicholls rolling his first X games.

Silje Norendal got 2nd in X Games, so amazing!  Rode amazing with a front rodeo and b5 in her run..

The official beauty and the beast pose.  Come on.  Its been a long season, I can look tired now.  She still looks fresh.  Thanks Oakley for the new Wiz Khalifa tribute goggles.  “Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow!”

Contest season is over.  Its been a long one, but going to write a wrap up soon enough, fun times on the road, but that journey home from France never gets any easier.

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