US Open Pipe Finals and The Sounds!

by The Good Life on March 12, 2011

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So today was Pipe Finals and it was going down with some amazing riding going down especially from a young 13 year old Japanese shredder who was poaching the pipe.  This guy was on fire, amazing banners, and just having the most fun of anyone on hill.  Giving Charlie Sheen the love right here. Thats how it was looking from the top

I have to say though this morning, it was slow going… Bottle of wine at 2am will do that.
Last night was amazing, The Jam went down, on the most insane set up I ever saw, with transitions, rails, gaps, hips, quarter pipe, it was all time..
Peetu won a heap of cash today, for 1st place in TTR and Burton Global Open Series, Respect to him… 100 Gs like it aint no thing…
Straight after we dropped in for The Sounds, such a good show, they were running Stratton Mountain, and Maja the lead singer gave me some serious eyes when she was singing, so its good times all round.
This heartbreaker cutey was just getting his game face dialed
Learning from the Original Boss.  Grillionaire
This guy was still running about and loving life.  Thats what the Open is all about for me, people getting after it on hill.
We only said Charlie Sheen twice on the mic, but you know what, these guys were living it up for him.
Alright time for dinner, see you at the party.

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