US Open – Silje Norendal and Jan Scherrer getting it done

by The Good Life on March 11, 2011

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So we are over here in Stratton Vermont for the US Open, and believe me, you have never seen weather like they get here.  Crazy, I have seen snow, sun, wind, rain, raining wind, windy icy rain, ice storms and cloud.  Crazyness.  None the less the team have been shredding and I am one proud bloke right now as today in womans Silje Norendal walked away with a 3rd place finish!

She already has fans for days here.
And yep its rainy today aswell.
Thats right.  Me and Nelson Wormstead on the way in at 7.45 in the rain to get the show going.  Gotta get that beach house money.  Follow him on @nelsonnhd on twitter.  If your the 1000 the follower you win some Oakley stuff.  Great fun announcing with him, and look forward to plenty more in future.  Thats how the weather looks here right now.
Thats our DJ called DJ Irie.  He is loving some Swedish House Mafia, and isnt afraid to drop some Drum and Bass at times.  Gonna get him the new Chase and Status album for tommorow.
This guy Mr Jan Scherrer is running it in the pipe this season, so stoked for him, and after we started working together when he was 11, its so good to see him putting it all together now.  Pipe Finals tommorow for him will be a big day.
Now for a story.

On Sunday I walked to the gym, and the girl at the hotel was like “yep you need to go on that footpath” so off I trotted.  I got down there and saw that was flooded, so tried walking around it, only for a woman to tell me i was in the wrong spot and i had to get onto that footpath.  So I tried walking around the side behind that pedestrians sign, and ended up falling through the snow up to my knees in the river.  Turned up at the gym, wet, cold, and damn not stoked.
Ellery was down there too in the rain in pipe semis.  As you can see, nicht so schon im dem wetter.
Thats the man Nelson again.  remember @nelsonnhd as he needs to get them followers or otherwise tommorow he is gonna drop the “where the f&/% is my m$%/$§”$%&/&%$§ retweets!!” on the crowd at the Open.
I also just heard another of my riders got 2nd at the Ride Shakedown in Garmisch, Jamie is the boss, and another rider who is having a breakout season!  Thats me and Jamie bouncing to an Essential Mix a couple of weeks back.
Anyways enough from me.  Today belongs to Silje, she runs it, and is going to be a superstar.  So stoked for her!

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